What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is the process of offering moment-to-moment awareness to our experiences in a gentle and curious way. It is an intentional practice of trying to be in the now – so when we notice ourselves pulled into the past or the future when practicing mindfulness, we practice gently shifting our attention to the present. 

We often associate mindfulness with meditation, but there are so many different ways to practice mindfulness. Here are 10 everyday ways to be mindful:

    1. Drinking tea or coffee
    2. Dancing to a song you enjoy
    3. Walking down the street
    4. Chopping vegetables
    5. Eating a snack
    6. Brushing your teeth
    7. Reading
    8. Picking out clothes for the day
    9. Smelling flowers, fruits, candles, or spices
    10. Even Netflix (remember to pause your show when you notice yourself disengage)

Tip: If this is a new practice, pick an activity that is accessible, not emotionally overwhelming, and takes a few minutes of focus. So for example, if you decide you want to practice mindful walking and you’re on a 20 minute walk, see if you can practice being mindful for 2-5 minutes.