About Snehal

I have lived in other countries and different parts of the US before settling in New York City. Because of these experiences, I know how much the messages we receive about communication, connection, “what is allowed,” and what we think we deserve can vary.  A “one size fits all” therapy model does not capture the nuances of every person. Therefore, I strive to offer services tailored to what you need, where I respect your goals, your experiences, your values, and your strengths. 

Why did I Choose Psychology?

I believe mental wellness is something that every person, community, and organization can and needs to work towards.

Since norms about communication, connection, safety, and worth can vary so much, I wanted to learn flexible ways of providing care that are attentive to my clients’ histories, experiences, and values. To help achieve this goal, I got a PhD in Counseling Psychology. I chose to engage in practice and research across specializations, such as counselor training, self-image/self-worth, gender norms, anti-racism, LGB affirmative counseling, and mindfulness.

Today, I am professionally affiliated with the

  • New York State Psychological Association, where I am a
    • a member of the LGBT Task Force
    • an executive board member of the Division of Culture, Race, and Ethnicity
  • Asian American Psychological Association
    • Division on South Asian Americans
    • 2019 Asian American Leadership Fellow