Online Therapy

Do you feel overwhelmed by the demands of your life? Are you looking for an accessible way to take care of yourself? Between the different roles you’re juggling and your to-do list that feels never-ending, it might feel hard to carve out time just for you, forget carving out time to commute to a therapist’s office on a weekly basis.

With the impact of COVID on your daily life, you might feel even more overwhelmed and stressed. The increased collective worry, the impact on your work, and other COVID-related concerns such as constant screentime, homeschooling, or worrying about aging parents may make this sense of overwhelm even worse. 

You may also be grieving the loss of routines that helped you in the past, whether it was anxiety-free walks in a park, the structure of your children’s school or daycare, separation of work from home, or getting your novelty fix through restaurants or traveling. Now more than ever, you might be looking for a space that helps you both grieve and adjust to your new normal.

How Online Therapy Can Help

online therapyDuring this time of stress and transition, I’d love to offer you a space that is for you, where we collaborate as partners to meet your goals using a secure video platform. Online therapy can reduce the demands of negotiating time in your packed schedule (which I bet you’re already doing a ton of), still allow us to see and hear each other, and can help you get care where you are. Now more than ever due to restrictions/concerns relating to COVID, online video therapy serves as a tool that can help us meet your goals!

Together, we can help you connect back to what matters – you may be searching for a way to feel more calm, to reduce the understandable worrying that’s disrupting your sleep, or you may just need a place where you stay still (and uninterrupted) enough to reconnect with what you need.

You May Still Have Some Concerns about Online Therapy

Does online therapy work?

Research shows that online therapy can be as effective as in-person therapy. There are some differences between in-person therapy and online therapy that we need to address to make the most out of online therapy. For example, when we meet in in-person, I provide a quiet and private space through my office. When we meet virtually, we both must take care to create quiet and private spaces for ourselves. Now more than ever, resources that increase access to care feel so important.

Are you licensed to provide care to me?

That’s such a good question! I’m licensed to provide care to New York State residents, which means I can offer online therapy to anyone residing in New York State. Some states have changed their licensing laws to help folk get care from out-of-state providers during the pandemic – if you temporarily relocated from New York State to another state due to COVID and would like to see if we could work together, please contact me and let me know where you’re staying.

Do you offer video and text services?

I offer video therapy services and do not offer therapy services via text. I’ve received training in offering video therapy and I also personally prefer video over text, since we can see each other and talk in real time.

Is online therapy private?

I use a HIPAA-compliant video software that meets US standards for protecting sensitive patient information. I also make sure to use a secure network, and encourage you to do so as well.

Does insurance cover online therapy?

Some insurance plans do cover online therapy services, and are more likely to cover video sessions than phone or text sessions. I encourage you to reach out to your insurance company to ask about your benefits. Here are some questions that can help clarify your coverage.

Take The First Step Towards Taking Care of Yourself

If you would be interested in working with me, please schedule a free 15-minute consultation through my scheduling form. I would love to help you feel more centered, get clarity on the causes behind your stress, and increase the wellness in your life.